Meaning of the Hanged Man Tarot card

The Hanged Man Tarot CardThe Hanged Man card simply depicts an ancient form of torture. The person condemned to torture was in fact hung upside down from a tree or a beam.

It may seem quite a mild form of torture, but it was in fact extremely painful because it was deliberately asymmetrical, which caused great pain to anyone subjected to it.

In fact, the knee that the Hanged Man keeps bent behind the other leg in many depictions is the only way to partially relieve the enormous load that otherwise weighs on the inner thigh of the suspended leg.

General interpretation of the card

It can express any form of suffering, imposed by others, or even self-imposed. An example of self-imposed suffering can be an idea, a feeling, a desire – in any case, something that causes us to suffer.

It is our daily duty, our duty to behave in a way that matches our responsibilities, and what others expect of us.

It can represent all the addictions, such as alcohol, gambling, etc.

A stalemate situation, a situation that needs to be unblocked. It is probably not easy to get on top of the situation. Perhaps a great deal of adaptation is required. Most likely to get out of it, one must realize that this stalemate is temporary and needs to be accepted. Accepting the need for patience is probably the only way to unblock the situation.

A prejudice. A belief, often about another person, that restricts us and prevent us from fully enjoying the fruits of a situation that is actually more favorable than it seems.

Lastly, it could represent a pause for reflection, or the need for a pause for reflection. In short, we probably need some internal work, and to decide more clearly what we really want and how to act.

Specific examples of possible meanings:

  • We are convinced that a certain person is not for us, and we have never considered them. In reality, if you stop to think about it, there could be obstacles that lie more in our prejudices than in the objective reality of facts.
  • Something is preventing us from getting what we want. It is not us, it is not another specific person: the obstruction is due to external circumstances, due to the situation.
  • Someone is making us pay for a mistake we made.
  • A situation of suffering that we are experiencing might be self-inflicted.
  • We are in a relationship, and we have very specific family duties, which do not allow us to freely and serenely enjoy what would otherwise be only pleasant situations.
  • Impatience. We have an incredible desire burning within us. However, because of its power, we act in a clumsy and anxious manner, and therefore fail to move a situation forward that seems to be obstructed. We must realize that this cannot work, we need to calm down, take a step back, and then slowly, more calmly and not immediately, try again. It is like continuing to push a door that will not open, making it even more stubbornly locked. Taking a step back, pulling it towards us, and only afterwards trying to push it again might be the best way to open it.
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