Meaning of the World Tarot card

The World Tarot CardA fully naked woman is depicted in the center of a floral garland, while at the four corners of the card we find the symbols of the four evangelists, or four cherubs blowing the wind in four directions.

The garland represents “the egg of the world”, so much so that in some ancient Tarot decks a globe is depicted instead of the garland.

The woman in the center moves the garland by walking.

At the corners of the card we can see the symbol of St. Matthew (an angel), the symbol of St. Mark (a lion), the symbol of St. Luke (a bull), and the symbol of St. John (an eagle), alluding to the universal order: the 4 elements, the 4 seasons, the 4 directions, etc.

General interpretation of the card

The World card is the symbol of creation, of something that is being born. The egg-shaped garland and the almond are symbols of creation that we find in all medieval art, and elsewhere.

They represent a material creation, events that can be generated by the woman walking inside the garland, which makes “the world go round”. But they also represent an immaterial, interior creation of a spirit that evolves along its path of initiation and enlightenment, which has now reached the end, since the World is considered the last of the 21 Trumps (the Fool does not have a number associated with it).

The World is therefore the card of attainment of enlightenment. Everything is now clear. The path may also have been difficult, but now everything seems to converge towards an external generating power that is combined with an internal purity and a clarity of vision that allows you to reap the rewards of this favorable astral arrangement.

The World card is one of the most positive cards in the Tarot. It can signify the realization of circumstances hitherto only imagined. Or it can represent serenity, happiness because of the gifts that life offers us, creativity, abundance.

It represents productivity, the generation of situations and opportunities. In short, the complete opposite of boredom and stagnation, and always in a positive sense.

Specific examples of possible meanings:

  • The start of very positive circumstances for us. What we have wanted so far could soon materialize.
  • We have come to the end of a long journey, which has also included various traps and obstacles, but now it seems that we are finally ready. We are ready to welcome what could be the definitive situation, which will bring us great joy and satisfaction.
  • We have finally understood what the situation is. We have understood what is right for us, and what is not. We have understood what makes us feel good.
  • You will see results. They might not be the results you set out to achieve, but they will definitely be results that you can be proud of, and they will make you feel better than ever.
  • A sigh of relief about a very specific situation, at last.
  • An improvement in a situation that is very close to our hearts.
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