Meaning of the Chariot Tarot Card

The Chariot Tarot CardThere is still discussion about the identity of the figure depicted on the Chariot in the Tarot. What is certain, however, is that it is a winner, a strong and powerful figure, on whom fate smiles, and who has achieved great success using his resources.

It was believed to be the God Osiris, the God Mars (god of war), but also Alexander the Great at the edge of the world, driving his legendary flying chariot (an allegory of pride).

Whoever this champion is, he is standing straight up and proud on the chariot of victory (pulled by two horses that he is managing to guide without the use of reins).

General interpretation of the card

The Chariot card represents a success, or the commitment of the querent in seeking personal success. This success can be of any kind, such as success in the field of love. However, it is more likely to be material success, like getting a job, earning money or getting a compliment for something accomplished.

Love, however, is not excluded from interpretation, but it does indicate its more “practical” side. For example, it is unlikely to represent generic success in conquering the person we desire, but it could indicate a very precise action on our part that brings us closer to the person we desire, and puts us “on their radar”.

It can indicate the need to become aware of one’s own resources, which are instead constantly underestimated, generating, among other things, dissatisfaction.

Inner discipline (not without effort), resulting in control over the situation, and therefore in circumstances being resolved in our favor.

Someone who has learned to control their feelings, perhaps too much.

Know how to manage opposing forces, symbolized by the two horses pulling the Chariot, which one must manage to drive and balance.

Specific examples of possible meanings:

  • Coming up with a great plan to get the attention of the person we are interested in, such as buying five tickets for an event, but saying we got them as a free gift. With these tickets, invite the entire office where the person we are interested in works (giving us the chance to get to know them better, to get their attention, to get to know their tastes and therefore how compatible they are, and to have a future starting point for conversation whenever you meet this person).
  • Seeking independence.
  • Personal affirmation.
  • It indicates that you should take action, but that you are too timid, with less confidence in your abilities than you should have. You should be bold, and you will see that the chances of success are very good.
  • A person (it could also be the querent) who has learned to keep their emotions in check, to control them, but who has therefore ended up only half satisfied. Encouragement to stop the constant suppression of emotions, even risk being hurt, but with potential positive outcomes that are worth the risk.
  • Taking the initiative.
  • You are caught in a situation where there are elements that pull you in one direction, and others that pull you in another direction (often incompatible with the first).
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