At we care about your privacy.

Therefore we do not store your personal data.

If for any reason we come into possession of your personal data, they will under no circumstances be disclosed to third parties.

Advertising Cookies

On any pages of where advertising is present, it is possible that advertising service providers (e.g. Google) may use cookies to store data about users and their web browsing behavior.

This data is used for displaying the most appropriate and interesting advertising for each user.

If you do not want to see personalized advertising, but prefer generic advertising, you can opt out of the use of cookies by third-party vendors (if the provider or advertising network offers this feature) by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page.

As regards advertising cookies however, your data is in no way disclosed to

And even if we should in any way become aware of it, your data will neither be retained nor disclosed to third parties.

Privacy Policy in accordance with current legislation

We inform you of the following:

- Purpose and methods of the processing for which the data is intended.

In order to obtain a free and personalized Tarot consultation on our website, some of your personal data will be requested.

Any data you disclose to us is used by our systems in real time and is neither stored nor disclosed to others in any way.

- Legal basis of the processing.

We at do not store your data. We do not request any contact details (e-mail, telephone, etc.). And when data is entered by the user, it is clear what it is used for, and how it will be used (and it will be used solely and exclusively for that purpose). Therefore, we believe that the legal basis under which we fall is “processing necessary for the performance of a contract”.

- Compulsory or optional nature of the provision of data and consequences of a possible refusal to reply.

The data that we request is mandatory, since without it you cannot proceed with the personalized Tarot reading.

However, if a person really does not want to reveal his or her personal data, he/she can use fictitious data. Obviously, by using false data, the Tarot consultation will be less precise, as it will not be personalized.

- Entities or categories of entities to which personal data may be disclosed.

No natural persons will become aware of your data. The data is only processed by our programs, which are automated computer systems. Therefore, no human becomes aware of your data, as it is neither retained nor disseminated by us.

- Period of data retention.

We do not save your data, thus it is not retained by us.

- Rights of the data subject.

The data subject has the right to ask the data controller for access to his/her personal data and the rectification or erasure of the data or restriction of processing of his/her data or to object to the processing of the data, as well as the right to portability of the data.

The data subject also has the right to object to the processing of the data, by revoking his/her consent.

The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

The data subject has the right to obtain confirmation of any processing of his/her data, with detailed disclosure of the type of data processed, including all the details required.

The data subject has the right to obtain correction or erasure of his/her personal data, or limitations on the use thereof. And in this case, he/she has the right for his/her choice to be notified to all other subjects to whom his/her data is known.

The data subject has the right to transfer his/her data to another entity.

The data subject has the right to object to the processing of his/her data.

The data subject has the right to obtain timely notification of any violation of his/her personal data.

Please refer to the European legislation in force for further information on the rights of the data subject (summarized here for the sake of clarity).

- Identification data of the personal data controller.

The personal data controller is Rob Sánchez, via Dodi 89, Modena, Italy. You can contact the data controller by sending an e-mail to the address on our contact page.

Cookie policy pursuant to current legislation

- Short version

In order to provide our services, we need to know which of our pages the user visits. We use a service (Google Analytics) that provides this data and may use cookies. Please note that as a result of our using this tool, Google may become aware that you have visited this website and of your browsing behavior.

We support our website, and the services it offers, through advertising. To do this we use a service called “Google AdSense”/“DoubleClick” that may use cookies. Please note that as a result of our using this tool, Google may become aware that you have visited this website and of your browsing behavior.

In summary, there are some third-party companies that may become aware that you have visited this website and of your browsing behavior. They are not under our direct control, but we do not believe that this poses any threat to the security of your data, which is managed with the highest levels of security available.

For further details, please continue reading below for a full description of how the cookies on our website are used and to find all the links and instructions required to manage your preferences.

- What are cookies?

Cookies are short text strings that the sites a user visits send to his/her terminal (usually the web browser), where they are stored and subsequently sent back to the same sites the next time he/she visits them. While browsing a site, the user may also receive cookies on his/her terminal that are sent by different websites or web servers (so-called “third parties”), on which some elements (such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains) present on the site that the user is visiting may reside.

- What are technical cookies?

Technical cookies are those used for the sole purpose of “transmitting a communication over an electronic communication network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of a service of an information company explicitly requested by the subscriber or by the user in order to provide such a service”.

They are not used for any other purposes and are usually installed directly by the owner or operator of the website. They can be divided into browsing or session cookies, which guarantee normal navigation and use of the website (allowing users, for example, to make a purchase or to authenticate to access private areas); analytics cookies, similar to technical cookies when used directly by the site operator to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site in question; functionality cookies, which allow the user to browse according to a series of selected criteria (for example, language, products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided to the user.

- Do we use technical cookies at

Yes, we do.

We use an analytics cookie to count the number of times users use the systems on our website, and another analytics cookie to monitor whether the user is arriving from a particular traffic source.

As always, we would like to specify that this data resides on the device you are using, and is not stored by us in any way.

Lastly, our website uses the Google Analytics statistics system, which may use cookies. You can find all the detailed information as well as methods to deactivate it at the following link:

- What are profiling cookies?

Profiling cookies are designed to create user profiles and are used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user when surfing the web.

- Do we use profiling cookies at

We do not.

But advertising provided by Google/DoubleClick does appear on our website, and this may use profiling cookies.

You can find all the detailed information as well as the methods for deactivating the use of profiling cookies at the following link:

- What about the Facebook “Pixel”?

The so-called Facebook Pixel (which is also present on our website) is similar to a profiling cookie.

This technology is different to a cookie, but with similar functionality in some cases.

You can access detailed information on the privacy of Facebook and its tools, as well as methods for managing your preferences, at the following link:

- How can I express my options regarding the use of cookies by the website, including through my browser settings?

Almost all browsers allow you to manage the use of cookies in your settings.

There are hundreds of browsers and therefore there is no single procedure.

One of the most popular browsers is Google Chrome, and you can find instructions on how to manage cookies at the following link:

Most of the other popular browsers also work in a similar way.