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Crown with SwordThe world of Tarot is incredibly rich and varied. It consists of a huge group of the most diverse enthusiasts: from hardcore card players in France, to historians who have spent a lifetime exploring miles of endless archives in central Italy.

We must also consider that the Tarot has been seen as the universal key to the most ancient and purest knowledge, once lost but now rediscovered. Throughout the nineteenth century, there was no intellectual who was not aware of the Tarot and who, for better or worse, did not discuss it.

Then along came Freemasonry, with esoteric fraternities such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, where the Tarot was used as a path of initiation and spiritual ascent.

Let’s not forget Carl Gustav Jung, the famous psychologist and founder of analytical psychology, who dedicated his life to the study of archetypes: the same symbols that we see depicted on the Tarot cards.

In short, over the centuries, everyone has had something to say about the Tarot, resulting in a rich heritage that we can still admire today: from the libraries of individual enthusiasts to the most important museums in the world.

This section contains some useful insights: first of all, to clarify a few points, and secondly to get an idea of just how extensive and endless (and sometimes also very “original”) the literature, studies, and opinions on the Tarot are.

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