Learning Tarot reading methods

The Magician of the TarotBefore getting started, I cannot emphasize enough that there is absolutely no one Tarot reading method that you must follow.

In fact we have no idea what the original method was, what the first system used was.

Likewise, we do not know which method was most widely used or was most popular.

In reading the texts of the greatest esotericists of the nineteenth century, no indication can be found anywhere of obligatory methods to follow, the number of cards to use, and so on.

Therefore, in reading the Tarot there is absolute freedom of method, and there is no right or wrong method.

A reader could extract just one card and get the querent to concentrate on a single question. Alternatively, they could spread the full deck of cards, and choose only those cards that particularly strike them. Both of these are perfectly valid methods, alongside a thousand others.

I invite you to use the Tarot as you see fit, and in the way you think best suits your personality and the topic of the reading.

The following are therefore just a few methods of spreading the cards, which I recommend, but there are a thousand others.

Rob Sánchez

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