Meaning of the Devil Tarot Card

The Devil Tarot CardAll the aspects of the Devil card can actually represent evil: horns, scary wings, animal legs, scales, and more besides.

Two monstrous figures are chained at his feet, whom the Devil rules with his stick or his flaming sword.

On the Devil’s abdomen you can also glimpse the features of a face, to symbolize how the Devil is guided by the lowest and most brutish instincts.

On many Tarot cards you can find positive elements, but not on this one.

General interpretation of the card

The Devil card represents all the worst impulses and temptations we encounter in the course of our lives.

Even the Devil – certainly not a positive card – is part of a cycle that we have already found in the Tarot. Without evil there cannot be good, without the basest temptations there cannot be the more enlightened path, without trials to be overcome, the initiatory path of the Tarot makes little sense.

It can represent reason clouded by temptations and passions. Something attracts us so much that we forget common sense and reason, resulting in great inner turmoil for us.

A situation of darkness, negativity. Lucifer is the fallen angel, the angel who was once the bearer of light. Now the fire of his stick provides light, but it does so in a misleading and dangerous way.

Domination over people, or desire for domination over other people. Almost never positive.

Very powerful passion, bordering on obsession.

Sexuality in all its forms, even and above all unconventional, or directed towards people to whom it should not be directed.

We should remember that the strength of evil impulses is often stronger than that of proper impulses.

Specific examples of possible meanings:

  • An incredibly sensual person. A person whom it is almost impossible for us to resist. Perhaps we could suppress this very powerful desire with reason, but most likely we have no intention of doing so.
  • Sexuality that goes against common sense, or against the past relationships of one or both parties involved. Extramarital relations, inappropriate relations.
  • We are experiencing a situation of which we are in part the protagonists, or at least accomplices, but this situation is causing great inner turmoil.
  • In the situation in which we find ourselves, we struggle to understand the real intentions of those close to us. Obviously, this can be a potential problem. The way forward is not clear, nor is it clear how this matter is going to end up.
  • A situation in which we are dominated. There is someone who is holding us back: they have power over us, and we cannot rid ourselves of this negative influence.
  • Lack of peace of mind. The situation does not necessarily have to be negative, but there is something still preventing us from obtaining the serenity we deserve.
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