Meaning of the Empress Tarot Card

The Empress Tarot CardThe Empress of the Tarot is strength, firmness, power, protection: all these attributes are evident even to a layperson in the field, by simply observing the image on the card.

What many people miss, however, is something I find truly incredible: the Tarot, which originated in the middle ages, was far more advanced than we are today in recognizing female strength, and in a total lack of any kind of sexual discrimination.

The women depicted in the Tarot are far from helpless, and have the same dignity as their male counterparts. It is truly gratifying to realize that in this case too, the Tarot was light years ahead of the society of the time, and still is today.

General interpretation of the card

Strength, solidity and firmness are pervasive elements in this card. The Empress’s expression is firm, her posture even more so. She has crown and scepter, unambiguous symbols of power. She is also holding a shield, on which a majestic imperial eagle is depicted.

The Empress is also a symbol of an emancipated person, who can think for herself. We need only remember that during the Middle Ages, the Empress was rarely depicted alone, without the Emperor at her side. In this, the Tarot is once again a welcome exception, symbolizing that the Empress has all the resources she needs, and that she does not need any help to deal with even the most difficult situations.

Finally, the Empress represents an invitation to be ready to take action, or an indication that the querent has the power to resolve things as he or she sees fit. The Empress’s posture is decidedly upright, with one foot ready to descend from the throne, almost like the posture of a warrior ready to leap into battle.

Specific examples of possible meanings:

  • Expressing feelings in a natural way, without worrying about how you might appear, convinced that you are doing and feeling the right things. This indication can be advice in order to achieve success in the topic of the reading, and can also reassure us about the sincerity of other people’s feelings.
  • An appeal not to let oneself be influenced. In this case, the Empress is more of an “aspirational” figure. The querent must find strength within to refuse (nicely) outside intrusions and ignore unsolicited advice. The right way is the one he/she “feels” is right. He/she must do what he/she feels is right, without the slightest regard for what others may think.
  • Protection, seeking protection. All the symbolism of the card converges on strength and protection. Just look at the shield that the Empress is holding. There is no need to be afraid to dare, we are protected. It could also represent a protective figure for us, driven by a sincere desire to help us. Alternatively, it may symbolize the desire (conscious or unconscious) of the querent to be protected, to get help, to find a figure who will be an important support during all future stages of their life.
  • Intelligence, capability, resourcefulness. The Empress is not sitting on the throne by chance: she is a capable woman, who has reached this position on her own merits, and is more than ready to prove it once again. The Empress card can also be an invitation to a particularly timid person to regain confidence in their own abilities (which not everyone has), to regain their security and resourcefulness.
  • A woman, the presence of a woman.
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