Meaning of the Judgement Tarot card

Judgement Tarot CardThe Judgement card represents the Last Judgement.

The Angel sounds the trumpets of judgment and the bodies resurrect, ready to be judged. The dead will be brought before the throne, and the books containing what they have done in their lives will be opened: they will be judged based on what they did when they were alive.

The bodies are naked, because naked we are born, and naked we will return before God, for our second birth.

General interpretation of the card

The Judgement card represents a time of change, although continuing on from what we have done so far. Therefore it will not be an unexpected or a radical change. Instead, it will be a change that we have deserved thanks to our actions and our work to date.

The past is the past, there is no point raking over it again, but it seems that this is the moment when the chickens come home to roost, and in which we will have to face the reality of the situation.

As the dead rise from their graves, this card marks the beginning of a new era. Perhaps we have been very unlucky in the past? Well, at last, the Angel of Judgement could bring some justice into our lives, and mark the beginning of a lasting phase of good fortune.

The situation is drawing to a conclusion. This may scare us, which is normal. Even problematic circumstances – such as a work environment where it is not easy to work because of people who put obstacles in the way – can become situations where the mere thought of change frightens us. We have almost “poisoned” ourselves with a certain situation for so long that we think we would feel a bit lost if it were to change.

We are at the end of the line. If we have acted properly, we are likely to obtain justice.

Specific examples of possible meanings:

  • Have we made a real effort to find a new job? Well, the Judgement card indicates that we will find one soon. Instead, have we been lying around on the couch doing nothing but complaining? The Judgement indicates that we are only likely to get more disappointments.
  • There is no point complaining or going back to the past in any way. Soon everything will be superfluous and only the present will matter, that is, only the new reality that is about to open up in front of us.
  • You will get justice. Especially if you have been the victim of continuous injustices for a long time. Here we have all the prerequisites for a reversal in front of your eyes that will create incredible satisfaction.
  • You might feel a bit restless. You know that the change that awaits you will most likely be an improvement, but you still can’t lose the feeling of apprehension.
  • A situation that has been dragging on for a long time, which can now be resolved.
  • Positive conclusion of a trial, or of legal and bureaucratic dealings in general (separations, disputes, etc.).
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