Meaning of the Magician Tarot card

The Magician Tarot CardIn medieval times, when Tarot cards as we know them today first emerged, the figure of the conjurer or illusionist was quite common.

These were people who traveled from town to town, from fair to fair, gaining admiration for their skills and conjuring tricks.

Originating from those figures, the figure of a real magician, endowed with supernatural powers, gradually emerged in the Tarot, but still retains its material link, clearly represented by the objects depicted on his work table.

General interpretation of the card

The Magician is the lord of his own world. There are no particularly transcendental aspects: the Magician is the master of his own forces, who rules expertly thanks to his own abilities.

He represents the ability to make the best of whatever fate has in store for us. The situation is what it is, and the Magician is precisely the figure who can, with his skills, make the best of it and even overturn unfavorable external conditions.

He also represents the ability to get a result without showing his own cards. Just as the illusionist can enthrall bystanders with his conjuring tricks, the Magician can accomplish things that may not seem possible to others, and he can do so without showing his cards, without revealing what he is really doing.

The Magician is able to conceal the underlying reality, not immediately visible to the eyes.

Specific examples of possible meanings:

  • To accomplish something, thanks to one’s own means and abilities. A person who deserves success in a particular context. Doing, taking action. There is no lack of capabilities, so the foundations are excellent. The presence of cards that indicate mental clarity, such as the Popess, in the same reading is ideal because mental clarity associated with excellent skills is an almost unbeatable combination.
  • The way to resolve the situation for which the reading is being carried out is for the querent to take action. The prospects of success are excellent so long as they put all their effort and ability into it.
  • This is not the time for blaming others, or to focus on others’ failings. This is not to say that such failings do not exist, even serious ones, but the Magician indicates that you have to work hard, accept the situation, and put all your energies into it with a clear and conscious mind. Where the querent focuses their attention (on themselves, or on others) will make all the difference.
  • Someone is (artfully) hiding their true intentions. In most cases, however, there is no malice in this, nor desire to do any harm. If the person hiding the real situation is not the querent, it might be quite hard to work out what is really going on, and to really understand what is behind particular behaviors or actions.
  • A fascinating, attractive person. It is not certain, however, if they are completely sincere. It may be that they fascinate us in a spontaneous and sincere way, hiding nothing. But it may also be that their behavior is carefully planned, and that they are deliberately hiding something from us.
  • Strong personality, self-esteem, strong will.
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