Meaning of the Star Tarot card

The Star Tarot CardIn medieval times, it was very common to represent the source of rivers and fountains as a man or a woman pouring out the contents of an amphora, giving rise to the watercourse.

The analogies with the constellation of Aquarius are remarkable, since it is also represented by a man pouring out the contents of a jug into a watercourse.

Some see an allusion to the constellation of the Pleiades in the Star card, a constellation that consists of more stars than those immediately visible.

Others have seen a reference to our solar system, meaning stars in this sense: the Sun would be the largest star represented on the card, and the various planets would be the smaller stars.

General interpretation of the card

The water that the woman depicted on the card is pouring into the stream in front of her is the water of life, symbol of immortality.

The entire illustration of the card somehow evokes a sense of peace and fertility. The earth is rich, green, lush.

The woman is naked, a symbol of both her purity and the fact that she has nothing to hide.

It is an extremely fertile card, so it predicts great hopes and expectations for the future.

In this sense, it represents the influence of the stars, that is, destiny smiling down on us preparing to let us obtain the best things possible.

It is an extremely positive card, because external conditions are arranged favorably, and it is also a clear premonitory sign of something good for us, without pitfalls. Above all, it indicates that we will be able to draw inner serenity and happiness from it.

Very often we have so much, we should be happy, but we almost get angry with ourselves for not waking up every day with a smile, for not being able to obtain the satisfaction that in theory the situation should give us. Here, the Star card indicates exactly the opposite: we will be able to draw incredible happiness, incredible inner peace and incredible satisfaction from the evolution of the situation.

Specific examples of possible meanings:

  • What we hoped for comes true.
  • Beauty. It can also represent the “beauty” of the situation (as well as individual beauty of course).
  • Spiritual affinity, spiritual love. A person with whom we really get on, not only in terms of physical attraction: a person with whom we feel a clear and precise kinship of spirit.
  • The external circumstances are definitely favorable in relation to the question asked by the querent. The external prerequisites are all in place.
  • If we have any doubts, the Star card indicates that there are no hidden pitfalls, that the person we are interested in is genuinely sincere with us.
  • The birth of something long awaited, the emergence of opportunities for which we have long prepared ourselves.
  • We will find inner peace. In modern life this may not seem like much, occupied as we are with a thousand commitments, and busy as we are to accumulate an ever-growing series of material achievements. However, finding inner serenity no matter what happens objectively, being serene with oneself and with others is the greatest achievement.
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