Meaning of the Sun Tarot card

The Sun Tarot CardIn the card immediately following the Moon, the Sun is shining again.

The large star shines brightly on two children, happy and carefree playing ring-a-rosy, in an idyllic setting, often protected by a wall.

Some see a reference to Eden, to the earthly paradise.

What is certain is that in this card the Sun is shining radiantly, unambiguously signaling the end of the state of darkness introduced by the Moon, thus allowing a new generation, a new birth.

General interpretation of the card

It represents the birth of something new, illuminated by God’s creative light.

It often alludes to the attainment of pleasure, to personal conquest, but with more interior nuances than symbolized by the Chariot card. In the case of the Sun card, we will probably achieve a great conquest, and this will also make us feel better than ever before.

Freedom to act, and protection. In the past, we were probably not free to act and behave as we would have liked, and now at last we have the opportunity.

It represents clarity of vision. At last the situation is clear or, even more likely, we have finally got clear ideas about what we want and what makes us feel good.

Serenity in feelings. Above all, these will be shared feelings, and without problems of any kind (without having to keep the relationship hidden, without other people in the way, without being criticized by relatives, without people talking, without any problems whatsoever).

Specific examples of possible meanings:

  • Desire to enjoy life to the full (a desire that has most likely been “squashed” in the past, generating unhappiness).
  • Something new is about to be born, which will bring us incredible happiness.
  • The Sun indicates that we will at last be free to act. For a long time we were prevented from taking a certain action, now we will have the opportunity. Be careful not to let this incredible opportunity that is opening pass us by.
  • It took us a long time, we suffered inwardly for a long time, but now we finally know what we want (and this is the first step to make it happen).
  • Someone (influential) in the workplace finally realizes the great work we are doing.
  • Someone loves us, and is willing to create all the right circumstances so that we may find a safe and danger-free environment to follow them in their projects.
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